New Belgium/Elysian Lips of Faith “Kick” Pumpkin-Cranberry Ale (Notes) (2011)

New Belgium/Elysian “Kick” Pumpkin-Cranberry Ale is 8.5% ABV.

I poured a couple of 22 oz bottles into small 2 oz glasses.

Here are the notes I have about the beer.

I liked the “Kick” in terms of originality in pumpkin ales, but don’t have very much positive to say about it past that. The cranberry was almost entirely overwhelming. This didn’t leave a whole lot of room for pumpkin flavor, or much other flavors characteristic of the pumpkin ale styles. It also wasn’t very smooth. I know a lot of people who like sour ales, and two people who really like this beer. Perhaps it is good if you think of it as a sour ale. For me, I think it misses the mark as a pumpkin ale. And being that I’m not yet into the sour ale style, I can’t give it high marks here either.

I did enjoy sharing this beer with some friends one day. Here are some pictures of that.

Overall Rating: *1/4


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