Ardmore Brewing 2010 Pumpkin Ale (2012)

Ardmore Brewing 2010 Pumpkin Ale is about 8% ABV.

I poured some of this 12 oz bottle of homebrew into two plastic cups.

Appearance: A careful pour gave no head. The color is a red/amber. The beer is quite clear with very light carbonation visible.

Smell: The smell is very smoky up front, with some oak and vanilla. There’s a warmness to it, but no real pumpkin.

Taste: In the taste there is also smoke at the front, along with clear oak and vanilla. There is some pumpkin in the taste. This is different than the “Pumpkin Old Ale,” which was coarser with bolder spices. I could go for some more pumpkin in this, but I really like the interesting flavors. The oak gives way to a smooth smoky finish.

Feel: This is light to medium bodied, with very light carbonation. It’s warm and has a smooth feel.

Drinkability: This beer is fairly easy to drink. It’s smooth, especially for its complexity, and nicely balanced. The smoke could hang on the palate too long for some drinkers, which could be unpleasant.

Overall: This was the third of four beers I will try tonight that are from Tyler Flynn of Ardmore, Pennsylvania. What a cool thing to taste so many interesting homebrews. I was so jazzed to see my friend Ben bring them all in. A huge thank you to Ardmore Brewing.

This beer has really great flavors – the oak and smoke are intriguing. As Ben says, Tyler seems to like the smoky/peaty elements in his beers. Maybe this is scotch inspired? I like how smooth this is, and how dynamic the flavors are. I could go for some more pumpkin, but this is interesting and fun as is.

Overall Rating: **3/4


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