Ardmore Brewing Pumpkin Old Ale (2012)

Ardmore Brewing Pumpkin Old Ale is (?)% ABV.

I poured some of this 22 oz bottle of homebrew into two plastic cups.

Appearance: A steady pour gave no head and a thin ring of off-white foam. It is medium amber in color with an orange tint. It appears to have light carbonation.

Smell: I get spices and malt up front, with some caramel-like pumpkin. The spices seem to be cinnamon and clove.

Taste: The taste has a rich malty sweet pumpkin flavor with a robust earthy feel. The spices are a lot less noticeable in the taste than in the smell. It has a sort of a woody taste, with maybe some oak, smokiness, and light vanilla on the finish. The spices come through more in the finish. The aftertaste has some slight bitter notes. The clove adds coarseness.

Feel: This beer is medium bodied with little to medium carbonation. It has a warmness to it. The spices add some rough complexity.

Drinkability: The drinking experience is dynamic, moving from the malt to the woodiness to the spices, but still smooth. It could be too heavy and woody for some.

Overall: My friend Ben brought me this homebrew, which was made by Tyler Flynn outside of Philadelphia. I met Tyler at a pumpkin beer tap takeover last year in Philly, at which he generously shared a pumpkin homebrew with me. Ben and his wife have kept up with Tyler, so I was very excited to learn that he had made several pumpkin homebrews this year. There’s a complex flavor to this beer; it’s got an oaky, rich vanilla, malted pumpkin flavor that’s got a kick of clove. The oak/wood/vanilla combination is nice, as is the clove. I could go for some more pumpkin. But it was cool. Real glad to taste this, it was very interesting and complex.

Overall Rating: **1/2


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