Ardmore Brewing Pumpkin Stout (2012)

Ardmore Brewing Pumpkin Stout is about 7% ABV.

I poured some of this 12 oz bottle of homebrew into two plastic cups.

Appearance: A steady pour gives a ring of foam, but no head. The color is a dark ruddy brown. Although this is a stout, the beer is clear and light. There’s light carbonation visible.

Smell: The smell is woody and oaky. My friend Ben and I agree that there’s some licorice or anise notes. I don’t get any serious spice presence. There’s no clear pumpkin, but I do get some slight fruit notes. This is warm, complex, and interesting. It’s almost savory smelling.

Taste: I first get dark fruit, licorice, and oak. I get a hint of toasty or smoky wood, and maybe a little vanilla. The smoke is building as I sip it. The fruitiness becomes less prominent, but the flavors are definitely intense. Out of the four Ardmore Brewing pumpkin beers I’ve tasted so far, the flavors are most intense in this one. The toasted wood lasts into the finish, along with a hint of sweetness. The woodiness is still present in the aftertaste.

Feel: This is medium bodied with heavy carbonation, especially for a stout. The carbonation adds to the dynamism of the flavors.

Drinkability: This beer is decently drinkable, but the complexity makes it less drinkable than it could have otherwise been. It’s a fair trade off, I think. The beer is very woody, and this hangs on the palate some.

Overall: This was the last of the four Ardmore Brewing beers that were tasted tonight. These beer were quite different than many of the pumpkin ales I’ve had, and quite different from each other. This particular pumpkin stout  is really warm, rich, and complex. I love the vanilla, oak, and deep flavors. The pumpkin isn’t too strong. While it is certainly light for a stout, it’s got a great complexity and interesting flavors.

Overall Rating: ***


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