I am a beer enthusiast (that you can see lying in the picture above) who has developed more of an interest in pumpkin beer over the years. This blog is now in its fourth year, as I work on setting up the calendar for the 2014 season of reviews! Have a favorite local pumpkin beer? Let me know by email (thoughtsonpumpkinbeer@gmail.com). I’d love to review it.

When this blog started in 2011, I did either a full review or a short note on 40 or so pumpkin beers. 2012 grew when only wrote full reviews, and tried over 60. The blog has just really grown, in great part due to your nice readership. So, thanks! Last year in 2013, I did 84 full reviews of pumpkin beers. And I decided then to focus more energy on other perhaps less well known breweries who are proud of their pumpkin offerings. I followed up all my reviews with short pieces about the brewery and their particular pumpkin beer. With so many great craft breweries, there are lots of pumpkin beers out there. I really enjoy writing about beer and the breweries that make the beer.

This blog is meant as a resource for information about pumpkin beers. It now has detailed reviews of over 130 different pumpkin beers, and is still growing. I provide comparisons between pumpkin beers, and frequently discuss their availability, price, and other facts of interest to consumers. I also write some rankings at the end of the season, to give an impression of the beers that I think are top tier among the ones that I reviewed that season. These rankings are not meant to be taken too seriously. I am just one person writing reviews (though I do get a lot of help from many people). So I may disagree with others about a beer. This happens. I think we can all just be happy that there is so much good beer out there, even if we don’t agree on the merits of one particular beer. I hope that folks can use the reviews I’ve written to inform their own decisions about trying new beers, especially those that come with a more hefty price tag.

Here are the final rankings of the 2013 season. Previous years rankings are here: 2012 rankings and 2011 rankings.

The aims of the blog have changed from season to season. Each year I start by talking about what my goals and aims are. They are here: goals for 2013, goals for 2012, and goals in 2011.

Here is my first post that kicked of the 2011 season, where I explain the rating system and rationale for the rating system.

Finally, here is the alphabetized list of all the beers I’ve reviewed over the years, replete with links to each individual review.

Again, please feel free to leave some comments or recommendations.

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